Visa's "GetP@id" initiative empowers Gen Z content creators in the UAE to turn passion into career

Through GetP@id, creators show other creators the difference between hobby and business.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – September 18, 2023 - Visa (NYSE: V), the world's leader in digital payments, launched its innovative "GetP@id" initiative, dedicated to helping Gen Z creators and influencers transform their passions into profitable careers. This initiative marks Visa's commitment to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by bridging the gap between creativity and commerce.

Visa's "GetP@id" kicked off with an interactive workshop led by Emirati content creator Khalid Al Ameri, a renowned figure with 21 million followers across several social media platforms. The workshop, hosted at Visa's headquarters in Dubai on Sunday 17 September, provided a unique opportunity for aspiring creators to gain valuable insights from Khalid Al Ameri, who shared his personal journey, learnings, and challenges encountered while transitioning from a hobbyist to a successful content creator. The aim was to educate and empower novice content creators, helping them improve and grow in their skills.

Tarek Abdalla, Visa's Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA), said: "Visa's 'GetP@id' initiative comes at a crucial time. A study revealed that only 2.5% of Gen Z individuals across CEMEA have successfully transformed content creation into a sustainable career¹. This means there remains a significant pool of Gen Z talent in our region with a strong desire for content creation as a career choice."

He continued, "Through the 'GetP@id' initiative, we aim to create a collaborative ecosystem where budding creators can learn from established ones, fostering their success in their chosen fields. By inspiring creators to shift from pursuing their passions to making a living, Visa remains at the forefront of promoting financial inclusion, facilitating money movement, and fostering success for the creators of tomorrow."

Khalid Al Ameri expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, "Visa's 'GetP@id' is a game-changer for young creators in the UAE. It's not just about turning a passion into a paycheck; it's about understanding the difference between a hobby and a thriving business. I'm thrilled to be a part of this initiative and help empower the next generation of content creators."

Visa's recent study shows that 37% of Gen Z individuals in the UAE earn income from their own businesses, similar to non-Gen Z counterparts at 39%². This underscores the importance of offering Gen Z creators the support and resources they need to shift from hobbies to successful entrepreneurs.

As part of this initiative, Visa aims to work closely with established creators to mentor emerging talent, providing them with the necessary tools, tips, and support to turn content creation into a lucrative career. For more information about Visa's "GetP@id" initiative, please visit our website.

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² Decoding Gen Z in UAE – March 2023