We believe in using the power of Visa’s network as a force for good, which is why we have created #WhereYouShopMatters, an initiative encouraging all people around the world to think about the positive impact their shopping can have on local communities.

Visa Merchant Partner Network

By partnering with Visa through the Visa Merchant Partner Network, you can create exclusive deals, special offers and promotions that will unlock a suite of Visa’s marketing tools and bring your company to the attention of relevant Visa cardholders.

We’re All For Small

In these times, standing together and supporting our community is how we make the biggest differences. This is why we’re here for the small businesses within our communities, helping them build and grow. The #WhereYouShopMatters movement is all about doing our part to support our local businesses by giving them the space they need to truly showcase what they have to offer. Follow the journeys of some of our favorite SMEs, discover their inspiration and learn more about their offerings by reading their stories below.

Where You Shop Matters - support local small businesses.